How Do Solar Panels Work?

It is important to begin by mentioning that a solar panel is different in scale and applications from a solar cell. In fact, such a panel is an assembly of multiple photovoltaic cells. While smaller solar cells are used to power everyday objects like calculators, the bigger and rarer solar panels are used in almost exotic ways — in emergency road signs, buoys, parking lots — in order to provide power to the lights. The process by which solar cells convert the energy from the sun directly into power is interesting and helps explain why more research needs to be carried out before the process can become cost-effective. Continue reading “How Do Solar Panels Work?”

Advantages of Solar Energy

It would not be a new realization to be told that solar energy comes packed with loads of advantages that make it an interesting issue to study. However, not many would be able to truly understand the complete fabric of this amazing form of natural energy. Apart from being the cleanest energy form, solar energy packs the complete punch when it comes to translating a concept into reality. Theoretically, you can even harness your body movements to create energy. But solar energy is a lot more easily usable. Here is a comprehensive listing of the brightest benefits of solar energy. Continue reading “Advantages of Solar Energy”

What Are Solar Cells?

Solar cell by definition is a cell or an electrical device which transforms solar energy into electrical energy. A solar cell is primarily a photovoltaic cell which produces electricity directly from light through the photovoltaic effect. This cell when subjected to light can create and maintain an electric current without being connected to any outer source of voltage. A solar cell produces direct current (DC) which can be used to operate DC motors, light bulbs, charge batteries, etc. Continue reading “What Are Solar Cells?”

History of Solar Energy

In today‚Äôs age of global warming and the gradual depletion of our precious natural resources, solar energy can be considered as a boon to our threatened society. Therefore it is important to know what solar technology is, along with its history of inception. Such knowledge is not only beneficial for the sustainability of our future but will also help us to make maximum utilization. Continue reading “History of Solar Energy”