Advantages of Solar Energy

It would not be a new realization to be told that solar energy comes packed with loads of advantages that make it an interesting issue to study. However, not many would be able to truly understand the complete fabric of this amazing form of natural energy. Apart from being the cleanest energy form, solar energy packs the complete punch when it comes to translating a concept into reality. Theoretically, you can even harness your body movements to create energy. But solar energy is a lot more easily usable. Here is a comprehensive listing of the brightest benefits of solar energy.

A cost effective solution

Although setting up a system to harness solar energy could get really expensive, you’ll definitely be on the greener side of the equation in the long run. It can help cut down on your electricity bills drastically. It is not uncommon for state and central government bodies to offer cheap loans on solar plant installations. Some even subsidize such products so that the interested users can get their solar devices at the best possible prices. In most cases, sophisticated solar energy based installations are supplemented by gas or electric power, just in case the solar power conversion collapses, or there simply is too little sunlight to play with. So, there is no need worry about energy during days when the sun’s rays are not powerful enough.

Rooftop energy for communities

Solar energy is the best alternative for growing communities. A very special benefit of solar energy is that you have to install the harnessing plant on the roof itself, so there is no specific space requirement. Of course, one could argue that one has to forget the advantage of a spacious roof, but then, the benefits brought to your home by such an installation can easily offset the compromise. What’s more, the system can be scaled up as the need of energy increases.

It is quiet

There is no combustion process involved and hence there is no noise while the energy is generated. So, you can breathe easy and enjoy the amazing results of solar power without having to encounter the irritating noise that is generally associated with combustion-based generators. Moreover, the energy you utilize is all ‘green,’ which means that there will be no pollution to degrade the living environment of your house. The energy falls under the green category and hence it is a non polluting energy.

Renewable source of energy

Sun’s energy is an infinite source of energy and one can be sure that the energy will not be exhausted in our life time. Sun does not shine 24 hours a day. But then, the energy harnessed can be used during the night time as well as rainy days.

Cheap and easy to install

There are many do-it-yourself solar kits that can be easily installed on your house’s rooftop. Some are available for purchase on the Internet as well. There is no doubt that anything that is associated with setting up a solar plant is not exactly cheap, but there are governments’ subsidies that can help you get a great deal. Remember, once the solar plant is installed there are no recurring expenses. The solar panels can last for as long as 30 years with proper maintenance. You can get an expert to install the solar panels. All that is needed is some assistance. You can read our article on how to install a solar panel to get started.

solar panels on a rooftop
A collection of solar panels

Forget about power cuts

When the national power grid conks off, only darkness remains; with a solar panel you can get rid of this inconvenience. Solar panels produce energy during the day time and the energy generation can suffice for the whole day. It is the most reliable source of energy. In places where there is no sunshine round the year, solar energy acts as a great source of alternative energy.

Make money with solar energy

It is a known fact that solar energy helps to cut down on your bills, but what makes it all the more interesting is that the excess solar energy generated can be placed in an electric utility grid and sold. This can reduce the burden of the national grid when there is heavy load. In the process, the homeowner can make extra cash.

Increase the value of your home

Homes installed with solar panels have a decent selling price in the real estate market. People love to own a home with photovoltaic solar panels installed. This can increase the value of the house. This goes to prove that people are well aware of the advantages of solar energy. Homeowners take interest in ensuring that the installation of solar panels does not damage the architectural design of the house. You should not be surprised to see solar power installations becoming more aesthetically appealing in the near future.

Low maintenance

Solar panels have less maintenance worries as most of the manufacturers offer 25 years of warranty. All that is required is to clean the dirt and grime on the solar panel and it is ready to glaze and give lasting energy. Even a splash of water from a hose can clean the panel in no time. With easy maintenance, the solar panels have always remained a great alternative to non-renewable source of energy. The solar cells are long lasting and there are no moving parts in the solar cell.

Works fine even during rainy season

Solar panels can work effectively even in cold countries. It is a proven fact that solar panels generate energy even during cloudy climates. Not many are aware that even when the sun is not out, the energy generation is satisfactory. Therefore it is effective even in countries that do not have sufficient sunshine for most part of the year.

Healthy form of energy

Solar energy harnessing does not result in any health hazards. Since there is no residue, the energy is absolutely safe for humans. With no pollution this form of energy is absolutely dependable. Fossil fuels can generate energy fast but leave a lot of residue that pollutes the environment. Keeping the health of your family in mind, it is best to opt for solar energy.

No air pollution

Solar energy is safe as there is no production of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide which pollute the environment. With no emissions, it is considered the safest form of energy. The air pollution associated with a fully functional solar power plant is minimal.

No damage to landscape

Sun light is available for free and making use of it in a positive manner is a wise option. Fossil fuels necessitate mining, and that means defacing of the face of the earth as digging goes deeper. Solar energy is safe on the landscape. Preserve the beauty of the planet you are living on.

Available in abundance

Sun light has no boundaries and is open for everyone to use. It is an unlimited source of energy. Most developing countries are moving towards this form of energy for both residential and commercial purposes keeping in mind its abundance and non-polluting nature. Energy from the sun is unlimited and hence there is no ban on how much you use.

Bid goodbye to batteries

Remote areas are always energy starved as there are practical difficulties in spreading the power supply to these areas. They always depend on batteries for power. Bid goodbye to batteries and move towards solar energy. A solar power station is simple to install and effective in its functioning.

Green energy

Nuclear energy is considered to be green energy, but what many fail to see is the harmful nuclear waste that is produced as a by-product. This by-product is highly dangerous and needs to be disposed in a safe manner. The waste has to be stored in a safe place for a long time that could be risky. In stark contrast, solar energy is absolutely clean and does not produce any by-products.

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